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Anglamarke council was founded in the summer of 1978, bringing together a small group of rare and gifted people, seven of whom were discovered to be “naturals”, accomplished telepathic bio-communicators whose exceptional abilities simply emerged when the time was right. I had only met a few of them before that time, and because I was so often in the partial trance state required for clear transmission of portrait images, I readily accepted these new people as friends, which they were. It did not occur to me to ask if they were aware of their own special gifts earlier in life, since everything was moving so quickly and we were all too completely immersed in our work to think of anything else.
As I sat there at my desk on that bright and lovely morning in late April of 2008 with the towering old maples screening the city skyline and rhododendrons blooming in the garden below, I remember that time as a kaleidoscope of colors and sound, an ultra-dimensional shift from the mundane to the divine, arriving as it did without warning, except for me, perhaps. I had painted eleven large portraits of faeries, elves and gnomes at the beginning of the year: truly awesome faces and very intricate, colorful costumes, followed by “direct voice” audio taped recordings of greetings from five of the entities I had painted. Prior to that, in the mid-seventies, I had often communicated with extraterrestrials aboard craft monitoring Earth. Our experience, beginning in the summer of 1978, was never frightening because we could sense the deep love they all felt for us. “We had come home” and our true identities had been restored to us.

It was with assistance from the highest angel/elemental dimensions that we successfully reached the Main-soul guardians of the following ocean species: Humpback, Sperm, and Great Blue Whale, the Sawfish, the Shark, Dolphin, Porpoise, Seal and Walrus, Sea Snake, Sea Horse, Sea Turtle, Moray Eel, Manta Ray, Sword Fish, Octopus, Squid, Sea Gull and Osprey. We then mind-linked with Angel Guardians of the Elephant, Wolf, Coyote, Bear, Hyena, Field Mouse and the Eagle; but that was only the beginning. There were many elemental beings who wished to speak: Garden Faeries, an old tree root Leprechaun from Germany , an Iris Faerie from the stars of Lyra, an Aegean Windflower Faerie and a Rose Queen from France.

I truly believe that one very good reason why we received such an overwhelming response, besides the fact that we were spiritually and mentally prepared for this to take place, was that there were so few people here whom they could talk to! Hopefully, our experience back then will show the way towards more harmonious exchange between the races of Faerie and Human. Please, as individuals or as groups, try your best to reach the elemental beings and higher monitors of Earth through meditation "mind-link" and show them that you are aware of Earth’s present crisis and wish to help. It will be completely safe to speak with all the entities pictured on this website. It is imperative that we move quickly now. To my knowledge, there has never been a worldwide alert given before now. Wise old sages and scholars, authorities on Nature’s Inner Kingdoms and Faerie traditions, have issued warnings that man and those of the elemental world must open the communication lines, blocked for thousands of years, to bring this planet back from the brink.

Thomas Berry states that “the Human community and the Earth community must go into the future as a single, sacred, cooperating and enhancing entity or we all may perish in the desert that could result from detrimental human interactions with the life systems of the planet. It is as if humanity were deaf and blind to the sanctity, integrity and intelligence inherent in the natural world”.
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It must be said that, for millennia, the High Nature Kingdoms have been closed off to humanity. From times of great antiquity, wizards, sorcerers and unprincipled ritualists have always sought to enslave the elemental peoples, most of whom were not accustomed to dealing with dishonesty and treachery. I am not speaking here of certain Faerie races upon Earth’s surface who often were, and still are, rather shallow and two-dimensional, imitating human behavior and manifesting human attire to amuse themselves, but of the loyal, principled, hard working Royal Faerie Rulers who dwell deep beneath the surface, specifically those who guard and monitor the precious gem and mineral belts which circle the Earth. They were the ones targeted. The darkest and most powerful of the sorcerers were determined to seize the fabulous treasure of sparkling gems in settings of unearthly design: wine-red ruby crowns, sapphire, opal, and emerald breast plates and necklaces, all for the taking; gems never meant for man to wear; jeweled adornments fashioned in Earth’s antiquity. A virtual wizard’s dream. Many of the old ones back then were perhaps too innocent but more than that, before the wizards came they had never experienced the tactics employed by those ancient scoundrels, so at times they were lured in, magically bound and forced into vile servitude, and their jewels taken.

Because of this dangerous situation, the Old Ones closed off all the portals to the Faerie lands, and closed they would remain for thousands of years. The following will provide confirmation that dark and powerful ritualists of every stripe are, to this day, still carrying on the grand tradition of rape and pillage.

In “Initiation Into Hermetics” (translated from the German,1962), a veritable cookbook of instructions as to the binding and control of “elementaries”, the author, Franz Bardon, wizard extraordinaire, gives warning that if the magician should become too attached to a particular elemental, he would be caught in the thralldom of elementaries, advising his ambitious fledglings that due to this danger of “growth of feeling”, all elementaries should be destined for a short life. To end that short life the magician might choose to burn it (incinerating a sentient, fully conscious entity), but should first “un-load it”, draining away all life energy, rendering the little being powerless. That was the mindset the people of Faerie were faced with, and why they broke all ties to the outer world.
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The Faerie peoples will now work with their human “equivalents” because of the breakthroughs achieved in Anglamarke and by many groups and individuals across the world. Mankind has been given another chance, though it will be their last , I fear. Land changes and vast loss of life can be averted through harmonious cooperation with the Elemental Kingdoms, but it must begin now. Light oriented groups that meditate together regularly and ask for help from the High Nature Kingdoms will receive that help.

For many thousands of years metaphysical teachers standing in opposition to religious orthodoxy have been hunted down and silenced when they attempted to share their wisdom. But now, because our world is entering her Age of Light and the fiercely yang religious structures are falling into decay, the resultant environment of spiritual expansion shall allow for the entry of higher truth. In these times the old matriarchs will emerge from their age-old hidden retreats to share their wisdom and to heal the planet of her pain. In light of this enormous change in planetary consciousness, consent has been given from source dimensions for the release of special material that will allow entry of all that is real and genuine knowledge, making visible once again, now permanently in view, the transcendent never ending glory of the greater cosmos that has ever surrounded us. My great grandmother would have found alarming, as do I, the growing tendency amongst scholars to describe Druids as shamanic. We are not shamanic. Traditional shamanism requires ritual. The old, very earliest, genuine Druids, mostly matriarchal (many now reincarnating), do not require ritual to achieve desired outcomes. We are of Nature and communicate directly with Nature as you, too, may soon be doing…. If it is your spiritual destiny, it will occur despite all obstacles placed in your path.

After the conquest of Earth by outcast negatives from the Pleiades, it soon became clear that the newly installed priesthood would never tolerate the female influence. The priestesses and healers from the ancient temples of Light Healing were hunted down and murdered. My great grandmother (incarnating at that time), was one of the few who escaped, sailing aboard an old but seaworthy fishing vessel to the shores of what is now Great Britain, settling in the mountains of what is today known as Wales (this was, of course, many thousands of incarnations ago). This hatred of the powerful female was universal. All major priesthoods since that time have been male dominated. After many, many eons of exile, the old matriarchs are home again to erase the dark electron strangle hold of those male usurpers.

Anglamarke is very specialized. It has been created for those folks who know that angels, faeries, gnomes, elves, unicorns, dragons, and all the myriad elemental Spirits of Nature are real. Though generally ignored by the scientific community, they have been clearly seen by sensitives throughout history, and their presence and influence recorded in many folk tales and legends. This is your opportunity to see, for the first time, some of the many wonderful faces of Nature and to read their directly recorded accounts of their life and works in the exquisitely beautiful and powerful dimensions of Earth's Nature Kingdoms. It matters not whether you are a trained psychic or a novice. Because this planet is ascending so rapidly into Light-world status, shedding the chaotic lower dimensional frequencies, the concept of mystery schools and their secret teachings forever hidden from the common man is fast fading away. The once closely guarded knowledge must now be for everyone, not just for the few. Humanity will now take that final step toward rejoining the great Universal Family of Star-Systems from which they all originated.

Bio-communicators may rest assured that there will be absolutely no risk to mind-linking with the angel beings, extraterrestrials and elemental monitors pictured here. Every one of these ancient entities have forever served the Light, and the Light alone.

Phrasing ones questions, silently, within the mind, and using automatic writing, is always the best approach and far superior to simply relying upon memory.

As always, with a new and powerful experience, it will take time to create a bond of trust. Just take it slow. There will often be blocks if karmic problems have not been resolved.

If you do experience problems when trying to communicate with the angel/elemental/extraterrestrial entities shown here, success may come faster if you choose a quiet time every day to begin writing your own Nature Diary, recording thoughts and feelings concerning your direct, personal connection to the Earth.

If you decide to keep a daily, nature related record of thoughts and experiences, it is important that all entries be dated and timed. Some of your interactions with the Nature World may be highly unusual, and should be immediately recorded lest you forget the more subtle details. When you have chosen one or more angels, elementals, rulers or extraterrestrials to communicate with, your mind needs to be strongly focussed. The best way to get their attention is to provide them with truly interesting questions to answer.

Here is an example of a wondrous occurrence from my records, December 20, 1989, between 2:30PM and 3:10PM.

I had fallen asleep in my bedroom around noon. I was awakened from my nap by a strong fluttering movement around my face. I could feel the air currents from their wings (beating as rapidly as the wings of hummingbirds). There were three of them. I was awake enough to realize that they were there with me. The sheet covering me was rippling like tiny waves because of the fast motion of their wings. They made, in all, a series of three fluttering passes across my face. Once or twice, one of them would come so close, she would brush against my skin. I was drowsy but could see them clearly. Then suddenly they were gone. I arose quickly, and drew this illustration....

For more information about Faeries, Fiona Broome has created a wonderful and scholarly resource at.... www.faeriemagick.com

One must move slowly and cautiously when first seeking access to the Elemental Kingdoms. If you come from an orthodox background, you, of course, are well aware that orthodox believers have been taught to remain in denial as to the existence of higher dimensional life, often prohibited from any form of investigation, and repeatedly warned of the dangers of leaving the fold and the damnation that will follow. As the priesthood jealously guard their turf, this beautiful and ancient planet now quickly rises into light-world status, well beyond the clutches of those who, for millennia, were the Creators self appointed spokesmen.

Though the protocols for reaching the Faerie Peoples on Earths surface are essentially correct, they will not work when you wish to mind-link with the elemental/angel rulers of the Inner Kingdoms and Greater Universe. For thousands of years it has been the custom of the followers of Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Lord Buddha, and the Greater Saints, to place portraits and statues of these holy beings in their homes so that family members could commune with them directly. It has been well documented down through the ages that certain paintings of Krishna would become doorways through which the Great One descended to directly bless truly pure souls. Many are the stories of visitations of the Great Mother, Mary (Maat), her statue becoming enlivened and glowing as she held out her hand in blessing or appearing in heavenly visions, visible to thousands. In Anglamarke to make visible achieves the strongest possible mind-link with the Nature Kingdoms just as the peoples of old were said to have done.

After meditating upon all that might be gained if you embark upon this grand adventure of spirit, you can then choose the portrait you are most drawn to. Whether it be of a greater angel, an extraterrestrial adept, ancient gnome, or faerie ruler. Then, scroll to the portrait you have chosen and focus your full attention upon it at regular intervals to build confidence and trust. After a week or so of evenly spaced meditations wherein you study the features and expression of the eyes, the power of the gaze, and the hint of a smile, perhaps, you will have become familiarized with the feeling of the portrait. Quite often, in a relatively short period of time, there can be a sudden shift in the appearance of the face that most often occurs when you just speak their name with phonetic precision. The face becomes more and more alive. The eyes begin to sparkle, and then one day, that gentle, ancient personage steps out of the portrait and down into your world to speak to you directly.

I believe that if people are given the opportunity to see the faces of Nature.... and to hear the thoughts of Nature.... they will be healed by Nature.