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It is important that readers be aware that these texts have been produced through my partnership with elemental beings who live and work in Earths mineral kingdoms. Their assistance in providing colorful details and their editing skills bring a vibrant, glowing quality to the work that otherwise I could not have achieved. The story is further enriched because one is given insight as to the thoughts and feelings of Paa-Trolle-Um and the others as they interact, always working as a team. It is the same with the illustrations. They are always there to help refine and polish every line and every color tone so that each element blends with the others, ensuring perfection.

In the first of the elemental portraits you see Lord Paa-Trolle-Um, Father/Monitor to all of Earths mineral systems, including bituminous coal and anthracite coal, together with the networks of precious and semi-precious gems.
He shares this ruler-ship with the Gnomish Monitor, Cavernmaster Kooshakolho Ming Don. The very old volume Paa-Trolle-Um holds so tenderly is entitled LAdventuas di Mumm y Dadd, a legend from beyond the oldest stars, penned in a much faded archaic script, detailing the true history of the Divine Mother, and her soul-mate, the Divine Father, and their journeys together throughout Creation, their joys and sorrows, both together and apart, and then finally torn from each others arms in ever darkening incarnations with seemingly no final reunion possible.

The book itself, interestingly enough, though documenting in rich detail all the many magnificent worlds they visited, star races they encountered, and experiences they shared on this planet during Earths first light oriented cycles contains no final chapters, just stained blank pages. The text stops abruptly in mid-sentence as the anonymous author is describing the chaos following the arrival of the Pleiadian starships on a beautiful island continent; 500,000,000 years ago was the time indicated. There it ends.

Still, though there are many unanswered questions, answers the book will never give, Paa-Trolle-Um still holds this worn and ancient volume close to his heart, believing as he does that this story of everlasting love will have a happy ending for these two great soul-mates.... for all eternity.

Paa-Trolle-Um is a Nature Lord, Ruler and Elemental Guardian of Earths vast mineral belts of anthracite and bituminous coal together with precious gems, circling the globe, deep beneath the surface. Though he can make himself visible, he will shift back to formless mist as he passes through his crystalline gardens, recharging the mineral gem formations with radiant energy. As he moves swiftly, almost at the speed of light, through all the jewel lined caves and twisting tunnels, riding within a volcanic golden river of light, the crystallines begin to pulsate in rhythm like a giant heartbeat. Everywhere there is the haunting trill of Faerie voices, and tiny flutes sound out from the shadows. The source of this Golden River is at the planets core, a gentle sunlit region wherein reside the Creators of the Radiant Fire that powers the world. The twelve giant Earth Guides.

The creation of his portrait was completely micro-managed by Paa-Trolle-Um, from the complex and most fascinating design of his robe, to the starry background, and finally the exact positioning of all the great gems and crystallines surrounding him. Those who might see this enormous array of jewels as far too excessive would ultimately find themselves in the awkward position of questioning the judgement of a powerful elemental ruler. Though it is generally believed that the cutting, facetting and polishing of precious stones is entirely a human invention, that skill derives from the elemental dimensions wherein the purest qualities of certain vast and powerful crystallines are alchemically withdrawn to be shaped and facetted, becoming the enormous flawless stones such as those seen in this portrait.

It seems that man must be defined by what he does not know. If he desired to understand the process through which those marvelous jewels are manifested, he would then come face to face with truth. intolerable. Those purest qualities withdrawn alchemically by Paa-Trolle-Um (and others), are not simply objective purest qualities, but actual real Jewel Elves, the purest of their kind (generally in groups of three or four), who have consented to take on the form of one large and perfect gem. The facetting has been accomplished through visualization.

The crystalline forms created through these truly awesome elemental partnerships will sometimes remain solid to the touch for just a short time, then rapidly dissipate, or they can last for an eternity, depending on the desires and goals of their Faerie creators. If the mineral entities within the stones are content to remain in that form, many are the glorious living jewels that will be seen in these finer realms for eons to come.

NOTE: Here is an example of how Nature Kingdom words, phrases, and occasionally the tonal names of elemental rulers will mysteriously creep into human language. Though for many, many thousands of years, early man had used coal tar (bitumen) to caulk his ships and as a protective sealing agent in embalming, only in relatively modern time did this dark substance (in a slightly more liquid form) become known as petroleum. In origin before it passed through the dimensional barriers, shifting slightly in its spelling as it entered the third dimension of human life, it was the name Paa-Trolle-Um. In this fashion languages are born, continually expanding regardless of what human wordsmiths would have you believe. Interesting is it not, that the name of an old Troll Elf, High Monitor of Earths Mineral Kingdoms, would morph into the name of a mineral by-product.



Standing at the entrance to the Cavern Worlds, he holds a very, very old volume that contains all of Spiritual Law applying to Elemental Life. The tiny Cavern Angel to his right is Drii, a Life Stream Monitor. To Kooshakolhos left, deeper within the cavern entrance is a beautiful Devic Monitor, Dalaebria, and to his left, emerging from the stone (which was very clear in the original cavern photograph) is the profile of an old Cavern Faerie. Her name is Andarelle. She is a very gentle, wise spirit, possessing ancient knowledge of the female presence on Earth, providing information crucial to the raising of Spirit to Light Levels.

Paa-Trolle-Ums journeys take him across the time zones, beneath mountains, oceans and the burning deserts. At regular intervals he must pause for rest, stopping at favorite places to visit old friends, dear companions from the past. While he regains his strength, old Elemental Assistance Monitors immediately take his place so that the river of light moves on without disruption, replenishing both Dragonpaths and Ley Lines. Paa-Trolle-Um now pauses on his journey, entering an enormous cavern. This is where our story begins.
One of Paa-Trolle-Ums oldest friends is the mighty guardian of Earths vast network of crystal caverns, Cavernmaster Kooshakolho Ming Don. Always to be found at home in his sparkling citadel, Kooshakolho, ever vigilant, watches closely for all changes in volume or speed of the Golden River, correcting any imbalance which could disrupt the steady progress of this electromagnetic torrent as it enters his domain through a wide glowing portal of sapphire crystal. The gigantic rippling laser-like beam, arcing a thousand feet across the cavern and hundreds of feet above to the opposite wall, exits through another identical opening, flowing swiftly through the legendary network of mineral / gem arterials. The truly spectacular Ka-Te-Dral Crystal Caverns which circle the world are located beneath all major power points.
NOTE: Ka-Te-Dral, from the original Gnomish tonal dialect meaning Triune-Spirit-Place, eventually entered human language as Cathedral.
Following warm greetings, and after both have shifted to more solid form, they seat themselves on deeply cushioned silken pillows. Kooshakolho gives Paa-Trolle-Um a tiny gold enameled cup of dark, sweet, flower-scented tea. Near at hand a gleaming golden carved tray is heaped with honey cakes too tempting to resist.

Beneath the soft pillows, the cavern floor is fashioned of glowing crystal flagstones. Surrounding them is a truly sublime example of the Gnomish art of manifestation. Growing as if they were rooted in soil, tall graceful trees entirely manifested of gemstones emerge from the solid mineral surface, their trunks and delicate tracery of branches formed of tawny agate, with leaves of beryl and citrine. Exquisitely wrought open flowers of rose quartz centered with deep blue fire opal, facing downwards, suspended by long translucent stems, give forth a musky, intoxicating fragrance.
As the two ancient entities sit beneath the glittering foliage, speaking softly of their work, the air around them swarms with tiny winged elementals, twinkling like fireflies at dusk. The walls soaring above them, deeply shadowed, are thickly quilted with glorious flashing gems. Small dark skinned Gnomes peer down at them from high stone ledges, their old bearded faces alight with joy.

This informal tea party has become tradition since the Elf Lord from the stars of Orion and the Gnome-master, directly descended from one of the oldest elemental dynasties in Phoenix systems, first met in Draconis, The Dragon. Much later, when the newly manifested terra-formed planet Earth was deemed ready for the introduction of higher life forms, Paa-Trolle-Um, Kooshakolho, and all their Faerie klans and tribes, together with many other Monitors of Earth, Sea and Sky were beamed in, carried in spirit form within universal radials created through angel technology for transporting great numbers of spirits, both human and elemental, to newly prepared home-worlds.

Kooshakolhos crystalline cavern complex contains thousands of Gnomish-manifested honeycomb chambers (both large and small), quite a few of them used for crafting tools and weaving, and several thousands more for rest and sleep, furnished with deep, soft cushions, where live his family, the multitudes of Gnomish relatives (both large and small), who labor round the clock to maintain this very large household. There are hundreds of tiny kitchens, nestled in nooks and crannies, bustling with activity: small Gnome cooks mixing and stirring miniature cauldrons of fragrant herbal mushroom broth whilst others stand quietly by, sipping the hot and spicy concoctions. All about are platters heaped with honey poppy seed muffins and wild ginger sweets, always in demand. In every kitchen there is a very old fashioned, very small and blackened cast iron wood burning stove, heavily embellished, from the forges of the Dwarf smythys (some distance away), which radiates a cozy, welcoming, woodsy warmth. Hanging from the rough crystal walls and ceilings are utensils, oddly shaped pans, and the tall cylindrical steamers fashioned of alchemical alloys and clear crystal for the heating of flower infusions and herbal tinctures. Most of the pots, large cauldrons and utensils have been cast or forged by Dwarf metal workers; the metal / crystal steamers were first invented by the Dwarves who are also renowned for their knowledge of herbal medicine.
You might wonder, why would Gnomes need kitchens? Well, its like this. Practically speaking, when Gnomes need to shift from the higher octaves (invisible to most humans) to the lower, denser octaves where they become visible (with a then more corporeal form), they need rich nutritious sustenance to remain active, just like humans. It has often been recorded in the folklore and old faerie tales that the wise farm wife would always leave a bowl of fresh milk or sweet cream in a special spot just inside the barn door at dusk for the Little People, or fresh baked tarts and cakes on her kitchen hearth before retiring for the night. Next morning, the small bowl in the barn would be empty and dry, and not a crumb left on the hearth. It was feared, and rightly so, that if she failed to do so or simply skipped one night, showing a lack of respect, the cow could go dry or the milk might turn sour. If the elementals of a certain region become hostile (even in these times this is occurring in more remote areas); it can affect whole future generations, bringing years of crop failures, stillborn babies and more. Crusty old Gnomes or Elves, living too near humans, very often turn ugly if they are not given their daily rations, but way down below in the sparkling Comyn Wele of the Elemental Kingdoms, theres no need to forage for scraps.
NOTE: Entering the English language beginning, most likely, in the early Eighth Century, the term Comyn Wele, emanating directly from the Gnomish tonal dialect. and meaning moving satisfactorily for everyone, eventually evolved into the word Commonwealth, which meant a community, nation or state wherein the supreme power is vested in the people therein. Gnomes should never live alone or go hungry. Without nourishment they will temporarily lose their ability to shift downward into third dimensional corporeal form, though this will not affect their powers as immortal beings within the higher frequencies of Faerie life.

Even when he was still a small boy (in this embodiment cycle), he was fascinated with the bustling activity in the Gnome kitchens throughout the caverns; rich broth bubbling in giant cauldrons, large fragrant loaves of bread set out to cool and great platters of honey cakes piled high cast a spell that would never leave. The vegetables and fruits from the extensive gardens, ripened under an Inner Earth aquamarine sun, and small straw baskets of fresh picked forest herbs and mushrooms were processed into tasty treats for the multitudes of hard working Gnomes, most possessing large appetites. As he grew older, Hantwan realized that he wanted to become a cook, but a cook with a difference. though he knew that to be a Gnome cook was not viewed as a good career choice, he continued studying, working in the kitchens and creating unusual herb recipes. As he matured, he became a master chef, drawing the attention of many old cooks across the world, and finally, small visitors were beaming in to meet this master chef and to learn from him the secrets of flaky crusts and rich buttery gravies. Among the visitors were herbalist healers who had heard of his work with mistletoe and certain rare marsh plants. Though very handsome and charming, he was always so busy with work, studies, and the endless stream of visitors to attend to that he never thought much about romance. But one day everything changed forever.

A beautiful young visitor from the Irish caverns came to see her uncle Kooshakolho. One night, having skipped the evening repast and needing a bedtime snack, she found herself standing in the entrance to the nearest bright lit kitchen staring at the most handsome Gnome she had ever seen. Though deep in thought, he gradually became aware of the silent figure in the doorway and turning toward her, found himself staring at a vision of beauty. Very quietly, she asked for a bowl of broth and honey cakes and shyly, with downcast eyes, accepted the small tray and immediately fled back to her room. In the following days, she often came for snacks and conversation. Finally, everyone in the cavern knew that love was abloom in Hantwans kitchen. Alysha Dyar is her name. Since her childhood days, she had always been interested the healing powers of certain rare wild plants and now works with her husband Hantwan to develop stabilized herbal remedies. and both as much in love as when they first met.
Standing in front at center is one of the most extraordinary little people I have ever reached. He says his name is Finch and that he is of the Fellowes of Harmony, an old Bird Klan. In the right front corner, Damus Kus, the young assistant cook in Hantwans kitchen, leans against the cool dark wall sipping a buttery squash soup perfect for a winters day. By the way, you are looking at a working stove pipe. The smoke drifts up through solid stone and is thought by the locals to be coming from the woodcutters village deep in the middle of the forest.
Many, many years ago while several old Gnome scouts were patrolling the surface far above Kooshakolhos Crystalline Kingdom, they were passing a large farm when they saw something moving in a big pile of garbage near the barn. Deciding to investigate, they found a tiny yellow chick near death. It had been raining and the little bird was soaking wet. They hurriedly wrapped him in a woolen scarf and rushed him down to Hantwans kitchen where he was nursed back to health. He is now a very old rooster, dreadfully spoiled and loved by all. His name is Abraxis.
And finally, in top right corner, reaching for the honey muffins is Huustosz, the head beekeeper accompanied by his old friend, an Australian Bush Gnome, Kadnob Mootang. Huustosz will always be found in the vast rose gardens surrounded by hundreds of beehives. He is famous for his rose and jasmine herbals.
Since Gnomish females will never be seen on the surface unless they have become exiles, only the occasional male needs rescuing. If some Gnomish scout finds him, he will be taken back to his home cavern. that is. if he has been a good fellow and is worth saving. Outcasts, however, are left where they are found and gradually. simply fade out, quite often after many years of causing much misery in the surrounding human communities.
Has anyone noticed yet that this is the first mention of Lady Gnomes? At least half of the Gnome population is of the gentler sex and quite a few of these, when younger can be very pretty, tending towards plumpness. They are taught all the Gnomish arts when still little, and while still young, before they marry, they choose their vocation, whether as weaver of spider silk tapestries or perhaps designers of jeweled adornments. Some will become greatly respected herbalists and others will excel as accomplished costume makers, artists, or teachers of the young, but very few will consent to become a cook. There is more than a hint of elitist thinking here. However, they see cooking and cleaning as mans work. The world of Gnomes is decidedly matriarchal and has always been so. It is the ladies who chose Kooshakolho as their Father / Leader because of his great wisdom and gentle nature. His immortal sweetness melts the heart of even the stoniest Old Mistress. He will be with them for as long as he wishes to stay.
The older in time Gnomish males also do not cook or clean. Most of them are masters of the alchemical sciences. That is their work. Gnome marriage is forever. They always fall in love at first sight, instantly remembering the familiar, dear features of the one they loved so long ago who, because of destinys blueprint left Earth, only to return home later. Gnomish children are not born with suffering of the mother. It is known to the future parents that they should expect the arrival of a much loved spirit from a former time; and when the little one appears, as yet formless, they assist their new daughter or son in mastering the art of shape shifting. Thus it begins, the family life.
Gnomes are immortal. They never die. All higher octave elementals within the Nature Kingdoms share this gift of immortality since their finer bodies are immune to oxidation and cannot be corrupted by any toxic source. Those of the Faerie Kingdoms whose duties magnetize them to the physical plane surface often meet a much harsher fate, becoming weak and listless, no longer able to protect their plant people from the toxins that fill the Earth, Water and Air. There is one bright note, though. The planetary frequencies are rising so rapidly, having reached the nineteenth to twenty-second dimensional levels, that the effects of chemical pollution have been neutralized in many areas. It is also becoming clear that these higher frequencies act as a very powerful deterrent to the success of all negative ritual, wherever and whenever it occurs. The practice of evil will only be effective in low frequency environments. Nothing seems to work anymore. The light keeps pouring in and it is time for them to move on, giving the horns salute as they slither away and, like over-exposed photographic negatives, fade out, never to return.
Because Earth now passes through such pain and its inhabitants have, for the most part, lost hope that there can be a better, happier life, it is the task of these ancient noble elementals, willingly accepted, to brighten our home and chase away the shadows. With the almost unimaginable powers they hold in the dimensions of Earths energy flows, the Forces of Darkness do not stand a chance. These are not empty platitudes. This is real. Watch carefully and you will see.
This planets Nature Kingdoms are multi-dimensional, many layered worlds within worlds in which the tiniest bright green Leaf Elf or Grass Spirit, though seemingly at the bottom of the ladder, are as highly valued and respected as the mightiest elemental rulers. The Nature Kingdoms should be viewed as one enormous, composite group with many departments filled with vibrant, joyful workers. If, however, the Leaf Elf and the Grass Spirit were young, poor, working class humans employed by bloated, top down corporations, they would be under- paid bus boys in the cafeteria or day laborers lifting heavy crates in a warehouse.
It is no secret that Lord Kooshakolho has a tiny adviser who is with him all the time, often giving sage counsel when prickly situations arise. Lune is a rare, Wild Rose Faerie, all of twenty-two inches tall, who sits on his Lords left shoulder by day and rests upon a silk cushion by his Lords high bed at night. Lune is a bard-in-miniature, one who tells tales of the origin of the rose, and what it was before it was a rose. His well of knowledge runs very deep. Without Lune, Kooshakolho might become quite isolated, but this way, he never will be.
This is an example of friendship crossing social barriers, something that humans rarely accomplish successfully.
Lune, sovereign of the Peoples of the Rose, acts as ambassador between the Kingdoms of the Rose (throughout the world) and Lord Kooshakolhos Crystalline Klans far below Earths surface.
NOTE: From the sixties through the seventies, many small spiritual groups would decorate their newsletters with drawings of nature spirits, most of which were from the Victorian era that were neither signed nor dated. I made a small collection of at least twelve of them and filed them away. I was especially drawn to one of them, a charming little fellow perched on a branch, his wings folded behind him. I seemed to remember him from somewhere. Several years ago while working on the last stages of Lord Kooshakolhos portrait and transcribing descriptive text, I discovered that Kooshakolho has a precious Rose Faerie companion, Lune, always with him, perched on his left shoulder. In a flash I realized that the Victorian drawing, though seemingly only an obscure black and white line sketch of a small, appealing elemental being, was in fact a much earlier version of Lune. I gave him new open wings and the sketch was turned into a painting. I am deeply indebted to the anonymous artist who created the original work. I give thanks for this very fine older version of Lune. A strange experience, indeed, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, to be the co-creator of an old work of art begun in the times of Queen Victoria .

The Peoples of the Rose, together with the Crystalline Klans, work as one with the over-lighting Angels of their home regions. Even the smallest flower / plant elementals, despite the views of certain (human) Inner Kingdom scholars, always have an equal say in the decision making process. They are never treated as lock- step servants. Landscape Angels and Continental Guardians are often thousands of feet in height, towering far above the lands they have been commissioned to care for. Quite often, though, their presence, wherever they have been assigned, is more influence than interaction. They radiate through their heavenly auric-fields a sense of permanence and tranquility. It would never be required of them to advise Rose Queens as to the best approach to creating / manifesting rosebuds. Rose Queens, being Royals, will instruct their younger, less learned sisters as to the finer points of shifting to the flower form, and need no advice from the local over-lighting Landscape Angel. It is always the more youthful, less evolved Rose Queens accompanied by multitudes of sparkling elemental helpers who visualize the blossoms as they will be in all their perfection, flowing back and forth through the mist-like petals until the process is completed, enlivening them with their high octave presence whilst the glowing streams of leaf, stem, root Elves and Gnomes provide a constant energy-bath to stabilize and nourish the plants, thus ensuring healthy growth and development. Once all the plants are imbued with life energy and their root systems are fully functioning, those who have built them remain close by as they mature. When their life cycle is complete and the radiant incentive is withdrawn, more new plants will take their place.

Of all the blooming plants, the Rose has the longest third dimensional life span. Within certain ancient palace and temple gardens, there are climbing roses hundreds of years old and rose bushes that, through years of wise winter pruning (closely guided by the resident Rose Klans) have literally become trees. Among blooming plants, the rose is the most closely connected to Earths crystalline systems. Within the Inner Kingdoms, in the cavern gardens, it can grow to great size.
The giant Sequoia, Eucalyptus and all other tree species, are built by whole Klans and Tribes of Faeries, Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, Leprechauns and Dryads. Far above in the high aethers, the old Monitor Angels watch closely all activity below, quick to intercede if needed. When the work is completed, the aetheric tree thought-forms are solid to the touch and the Elemental Army will emerge through the bark and leaves, some of them departing for duties elsewhere, but numbers of them remain as monitors. Mind you, the tree that they have created is not yet the giant Sequoia or Eucalyptus it will someday become, and is probably still quite small at this stage. The elementals within it continue to care for it, following the blueprint formed at the beginning even before it sprouted, making sure it remains energized during every stage of growth. A powerful devic-level Dryad, also present from the first stage of growth, will be positioned at one side with the little tree well within its glowing auric field, later on moving to its center where it can be clearly seen by the trained eye.

It must be noted that, though many elementals will remain close to the trees and plants they have manifested to ensure they remain healthy and strong, there are very strange and specialized plant Elves who remain with their creations, shape shifting (as large groupings) into sections of branches, seeds and flowers, outer small twigs and leaf clusters and, occupying a large tree, very often becoming the bark. Though these unique elementals have been transformed into various parts of a tree (definitely an exercise in abstraction), they will at some future time still be able to shift back to their original Elf form. They never lose that ability.

Known as the English Hieronymus, the psychically gifted engineer, Dr. George De La Warr, of the De La Warr Laboratories in London, England , has theorized that each and every molecule of matter produces a tiny voltage that is specific to itself and which transmits rather like a tiny radio transmitter / receiver. Both the molecular groupings and the flower groupings operate on the same principle. There is no difference except in frequency levels. All is one and one is all.
There is muchmore information about George De La Warr at....
A collection of molecules or.... a meadow of wildflowers (particularly wild roses), are capable of transmitting a genetic pattern or.... more subtle, intricate and complex messages (and even diagrams and images) that, if one could hear them, would sound like Angel symphonies. These rainbow-hued rivers of sound and light move along in all directions on what would appear to be (in the scientific view) large psionic / electromagnetic carrier waves, but we know better dont we? The psionic and electromagnetic translate to massive elemental energy fields produced by Natures busy workers. So it is that many of these wonderful Elemental Peoples build the trees, plants, flowers and grasses. As large groups who have translated themselves into plant form, most especially flowering trees and flowering plants (the most powerful of all being the wild rose), they graduate to being Natures surface communication system, elemental broadcasters of work-related news, functioning as a high speed network of crystal radios connecting all plant life in the world, one gigantic information system wherein the Flower Faeries, Plant and Leaf Elves, Root Gnomes and Devic Guardians send forth their messages of progress and joy, carried by the wind, rain, storm and cloud Aether Spirits across land and sea in the form of vast radiant, tonal currents. These rainbow colored, exquisite, never-ending chorales are more sublime than any of the symphonic works Earths greatest composers.
I remember hearing these beautiful Faerie chorales several years ago on quiet nights while sitting on my balcony in the late hours, watching the stars, and half in a dream. There would come the tiniest subliminal sensation, perhaps through the inner ear, of an orchestral group composed of many musicians playing a far away fugue that literally wafted into consciousness like the distant sound of the ocean, very similar to what one hears when one holds a large seashell to ones ear. This occurred several times, but not since then. I have heard only one musical composition that is identical to the haunting melodies I heard on those nights so long ago, The Last Secret, from the CD Midsummer Century by Jonn Serrie, a pioneer of modern electronic music.Though there are echoes of those flowing tones in much classical music, Serries work, incorporating the Moog synthesizer and the Theramin, is absolutely pure. It is the same. His music acts as a transporter, moving you into the sacred dimensions of the natural world, and will be invaluable as background for all your quiet nights when communications begin flowing in and inter-dimensional experiences proliferate. The final two or three selections most closely resemble Angel Chorales.
All music composed by earth-dwellers here, and in all other inhabited worlds, emanates from Universal High Elemental Kingdoms, flowing through the dimensional barriers into the human mind. The Godhead Imperative, which inspires the composers of Earths most beautiful classical music is first created in the loftiest and most ancient of Angel realms within distant star systems. In their beginning form, these Angel Chorales are tonal directions (commands and advice) broadcast to Angel workers throughout the Greater Universe concerning everything from climate changes, species evolution, beginnings and endings of whole civilizations all the way down to seemingly small issues, all of which would sound like huge harmonic waves of never ending orchestral sound, moving in all directions. Entering Earth Harmonas high aethers, these immense radiations immediately blend with the planetary web of elemental energy fields to further enhance the glorious Dragon-paths and Ley-lines, then downward into the hollow interior world within a world with its blazing aquamarine tinted sun which lights the Inner Kingdoms.
Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, Ravel, Debussy, Holst, Sibelius, Villa Lobos, Stravinsky, Smetana, Scriabin, Respighi, Delius, Corelli, Prokoviev, Rachmaninoff and all the rest were not the original creators of the works attributed to them. They were inspired by the exquisite flowing melodies they could hear because of their spiritual development. Their true genius lay in their ability to orchestrate what they had heard with the inner ear and give it the form and structure for it to be accepted and enjoyed to the fullest.
The blueprint for all human language forms, as with music, comes directly from distant Angel realms. The resonating tones of high elemental communications were first utilized here by the vanguard of our Nature Kingdoms, generally in the form of telepathic / tonal commands", inaudible to humans. Audible communications between High Monitors and their klans and tribes of Faerie Peoples did not begin until the increasing numbers of incarnating Solar Humans necessitated the formation of structured speech. All across the world, and in all the many billions of inhabited star worlds throughout creation representing every form of evolution, the tones and complex sound patterns were siphoned into mass-consciousness so that essential knowledge could be clearly transmitted from place to place, everywhere.

Elf Lord Jabeh, seen here with four of his close companions, Old Father Moon, a lunar spirit who often visits on warm summer nights to add a little light to the proceedings. Deeto Bunn, a venerable rabbit spirit, brings news and gossip from the bramble pathways. Binnl, a butterfly friend from the high meadows and Bye Bye, a hyperactive lady bug.... continually coming or going.
His portrait is life-size, or at least it seemed so when I painted him. However, he is, as are all others who dwell in the Faerie Dimensions, an adept shape shifter.... changing at will from one form to another, or dissolving into a formless pearly mist. Sometimes, when patrolling his appointed realm in the late summer night, he will sweep silently through the forest as a Great Grey Owl; but not, mind you, to track the unwary mouse, but to watch from above his hordes of tiny gardeners as they gather mushroom spores and energize the mosses and wild fern with radiant mineral power. There are elementals of every kind under his command. Thousands upon thousands of Gnomes, Elves, and Spirits of the Air toil through the warm darkness to maintain Natures perfect balance.
Jabeh is not all unfriendly nor is he critical of humanity, though he does find it puzzling that they learn so slowly. He can be reached by Nature Kingdom communicators who mind link with him through his portrait. Lord Jabehs home is on the lower slopes of the Pyrenees Mountain Range
.... on the French side.