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While Guenn Eona Nimue's Druidic lineage can be traced back to her great grandmother, Ange M. Mosher, who was Grande Dame of the Druids of Brittany.... her undocumented lineage goes back much, much further.
Ange M. Mosher
The book "The Spell of Brittany", completed by Mrs. Mosher in 1918, was published two years after her death. She made deep study of Celtic folklore in various countries to which she travelled, and received seven decorations in honor of her work, which contributed to the Druid revivalry movement of the time. From the introduction written by Anatole Le Braz "The Bard of Brittany", a Breton folklore collector and translator, Le Braz (1859-1926) was highly regarded amongst both European and American scholars....

"All those who knew her on either side of the
ocean will bear witness with me that it was impossible to be in her presence, even for a few seconds, without carrying away the impression that you had communed with one whose nature was most generous and hospitable, and whose spirit was most rich and comprehensive."

Maude Mosher Robertson
Maude Mosher Robertson, Guenn Eona's grandmother, was Arch Druidess of the English/Welsh Oak Circle society to which Queen Victoria belonged....

John McKinnon Robertson
John MacKinnon Robertson, Guenn Eona's grandfather, was born on the Isle of Arran and left school at the age of thirteen. He went on to become a self educated scholar and a prolific journalist. He became an M.P. in the House of Commons (British Parliament), representing the coal miners of Northhumberland. The welfare of the common man was always in his heart. He was not known for his patience and would not suffer fools, strongly disapproving of the peerage for their narrow Borgian views. He refused a Knighthood, but did become a member of King George V's Privy Cabinet so that the common man would have a voice. His appointment as a Cabinet Member clearly indicated that the King understood the importance of the Druid presence.
A few of his many works, listed below, are of particular interest. They continue to be valued by scholars to this day, and are still referred to by serious students of comparative hierology.
Christianity and Mythology (1900)
Pagan Christs (1903)
Letters on Reasoning (1902)
A Short History of Freethought Ancient and Modern (1915)

Guenn Robertson Farrington
Guenn Robertson Farrington, Guenn Eona Nimue's mother, for her own reasons, was generally reluctant and guarded when it came to openly discussing the family history or other things Druidic during her life, rarely speaking of such things, and then only with close friends or her daughter, her only child.
Guenn Eona Nimue

Guenn Eona Nimue came to her calling through a long, arduous development process which lies within the best of the Druidic tradition, and during the past 33 years, her portraits of archtypal interstellar beings, nature spirits and extraterrestrials have received international attention. She has assisted and counseled many on the path over the years including the current Grand Arch Druid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, John Michael Greer, in 1979.

Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D.

"Guenn Eona has been involved over the last forty-four years in a powerful spontaneous inner process. During this time, she's had numerous experiences of direct communication with animals and their guardian spirits, elemental beings representing various forces of Nature, extraterrestrial visitors, and archetypal deities. She possesses an immense capacity to mediate messages from other dimensions of being."
James Swan, Ph.D.

"Her story is more profound than that of most of the people I have interviewed, for her journey is classically one of the Druid Initiate. The roots of ancient wisdom in Western Europe can be traced to the mystical order called the Druids, who derive their name from two Gaulish words. The first, "Druvis", means "Oak Tree", and the second, "Wid", which means "To Know". Because of continuing persecution, first, by the Roman Priest/Warrior castes, and then by the Christian Church, lasting for almost three thousand years in all, the Druids have lived in quiet seclusion, yet still touching many hearts and minds including William Blake, Robert Graves and Winston Churchill, as well as inspiring the folk tales of Merlin, Robin Hood and King Arthurs Knights. Druids of the older disciplines are known as nature sages, seers, and healers who are led by their inner Ovitum, much revered as the source of the complete Oral Memory. The heritage of the Druids is passed down through memorizing long oral lessons and through direct mental communication with the many elemental forces of Nature."

The beautiful, most unusual artwork, or "Sacred Imagery" has been featured throughout the United States....
"The Moonletters of Lorien", a University of Washington Experimental College Course

The slideshow and lecture series "Spirit Of Place" by environmental psychologist James Swan

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The Gaia Symposium (Amherst College)

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Vol. 12 Num.12 1989
by Allison Hardymon

Dame Guenn Eona Nimue is a psychic artist. She is in communication with all kinds of spirits, and she makes this communication real by painting pictures of the beings she sees. Her work depicts beings of all shapes, sizes and origins: some from this universe and some from beyond.
Her style is intricate and graceful. Each portrait is filled with information. Like tarot cards, the portraits seem to present something new with every viewing. Like fairy tales they stimulate the imagination and bring a sense of playful adventure to the possibilities of what this universe holds. The beings portrayed are new and yet somehow familiar. Each work is imbued with the energy of the being pictured and seems to act as a spirit introduction.

As a psychic, seeing her work was incredibly validating. It made some of my own experiences with beings suddenly seem very real. Guenn Eona Nimue has been very much aware of her psychic abilities since 1968 when, as she describes it, she “woke up”. Until that point, although extremely sensitive and introverted, she was not aware of her ability to communicate with spirit. Her ability of clairsentience was so strong it was often difficult to be around people because she could feel everything that they felt.

Books, music and artwork occupied her time. At the age of twenty-three she married, and for nineteen years continued to live in what she now calls a “dream-state”.

On September 4, 1968 she received word of her mother’s death. On September 8, she had her first dramatic spiritual experience. She describes this juncture in her life as being shocking in its suddenness, because there was no gentle, or gradual transition….

“My pineal center (at the brow in the sixth chakra) was opened fully…. Now being suddenly fully clairaudient, I would hear sometimes what seemed like thousands of voices in conjunction with continuing visions…. Many people have heard this phenomenon, and very often when someone passes who is dear to you it provokes a tremendous consciousness shift…. At that moment of awakening, I was as one being brought out of “death sleep”, and as blank of purpose as a newborn infant because all transformation prior to that had occurred on inner levels, with absolutely no conscious awareness as to what was happening.”

It was at this time and as a result of her mother’s passing that Dame Nimue learned the secret of her heritage. She is directly descended on her mother’s side from the Druids of Brittany, Wales and Scotland. The Druids are an ancient mystical order who communicate with spirits and practice healing arts. They were.... and are Nature Monitors. Power was passed from mother to daughter. Guenn was next in line after her mother to receive the Druidic abilities. When her mother died something triggered that information within Guenn and she began her conscious journey.

Their heritage goes back thousands of years. In 1980 she began automatic writing. According to Dame Nimue, she had cleared her energy channels enough to bring through some clear communication from the beings who had been talking to her for years. Later that year she began to paint the visions she saw. She described her visions as being like “giant, full color, Cinerama movies”.

At this point of learning to use and express this spiritual communication, Dame Nimue began to get a clearer picture of her life goal. She sees herself as a bridge between the material and non-material worlds. The gentle beauty of her artwork provides an alternative way to see the spirit world which is so often presented as threatening.

She is enthusiastic about the future of the planet and enjoys her role here, “I think this is the beginning of the most wonderful, joyful time where we will have access to all the information which really is our knowledge."

According to Dame Nimue, “These beings work with electromagnetic and other energies to protect the continental land masses.They watch the flow of the land and of the planet, the ley lines, the dragon paths, all the arterial energy lines. They watch the changing of the seasons and the frequency of the storms.They work to see that the harmony and balance of the planet is kept constant.... Despite the earthquakes and other natural catastrophies we’re experiencing, the planet is meant to come through and become a Light World, so theirs is a never ending task.