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In all inland waterways of any size can be seen (with finer vision) the Water Guardians, gentle serpents of great size providing bridges for the Earth Elementals who cannot easily cross water. For large numbers of elemental spirits (billions in fact), crossing water presents no problem, but there are billions more, earth gnomes, forest faeries, cavern dwarves, mineral elementals and certain plant elves whose vital energies fade away as they approach a body of water, whether moving or still. To resolve this great problem, the Water Guardians have provided safe passage for all. Northern and Southern Serpents (in illustration) are permanently stationed at this Ley-line water crossing. Their bodies are linked together, combining their energies to neutralize the force of the water below, equalizing Earth and Aquatic frequencies. The Ley-line passes directly through the serpent forms, bonding it’s energies to theirs, as can be seen in the illustration. As they are swept along by the power of the Ley-line, the massed elemental forms appear as ribbons of pastel rose and blue, firmly connected to their power source in moments of danger. At right front corner stands a large Mountain Faerie.

Riding within their laser-like conveyance and now safely across the water, the elementals are carried at great speed t’ward distant junctions throughout the world, literally covering the planet as they move along the “lines”, healing and energizing the vast forests, woodlands, “seas of grass” and mountain meadowlands, bringing radiant life force to all they pass. Contrary to what you may have been told, not every gnome stays at home. There are Elf Tribes, Gnome Klans and large groupings of Faeries who oversee and care for wild animal species, wild birds, reptiles, amphibians, all species of insects (even the lowly earthworm), that must be ministered to regularly wherever they live. There are always the “Species Guides” who live with their charges, but the “travelers” work is vital, as their continuous journeying creates a “structure” wherein all is connected.
Water Guardians are stationed along all Earth’s Ley-lines wherever one must cross water. Smaller Water Guardians will always be present in the gem arterials and metallic mineral deposits where rivulets and splashing streams keep everything sparkling and receptive to passing Earth radiations. These old “Reliquaries of Wisdom”, the Water Guardians, will also be found in underground waterways, cavern lakes and large Inner Earth rivers, many of which never reach the surface. Instead, they flow through the supernal, truly magnificent lands of the Inner Kingdoms populated by advanced races both human and elemental.

The small, very old village church was built directly on a Ley-line conjunction, as were all the temples and sacred structures before it, in precisely the same spot, back into the deepest past. The enormous Dragon Sentinel resting on the high mountain range in the distance acts as an “earth force capacitor”, his every movement measured and limited by the Solar Being at his side, thus preventing any Earth shifts or landslides. To the untrained human eye, the dragon is invisible. There are only the high, craggy grey mountains, the small village with it’s old church and the quiet valley with the large creek flowing through it to the south, nothing more. If the local farmers and craftsmen could, even for a moment, be gifted with Faerie vision to see what surrounds them, they would be terrified, not understanding any of it, and too traumatized to move or run away unless they come from many generations of folks familiar with Nature Peoples and their ways.
The third dimensional Creek is, in the fourth dimension, a large deep river. The villagers across the water do not know this alternate world exists. To the East of the river lies a tiny community of Faerie Ascetics. It is invisible to all but a few old country women and their families who have always followed the “Ancient Path” and do not speak of what they know. At right front corner is a large Mountain Faerie. The rushing river is the River Apres. You’ll not find it on any map. Because the villagers are not blessed with finer vision, there is only an old fast running creek which often dries up in the summer heat.
NOTE:     When viewing the illustration, visualize yourself in the South looking toward the North. The Faerie community is on the East side of the Creek / river and the old village with the church is on the West side in the illustration. The head in the foreground is that of the Northern Serpent Nakraldoori who has moved down the river to join his sister from the south, Saalmeenah.


Djinnh such as Mother Queen Arumeluum, Djinn Lord Kobal and Menkallimh, “Father of Storms”, are of the Reptilian Angelic Hierarchies. Djinnh from this highest of categories are dedicated to the light with every atom of their being.  The forms they take are composed of a highly charged, volatile ectoplasmic substance. Each one of these three entities is imbued with power of such immense force that it can only be compared to the (contained) energy output of a large extraterrestrial beam weapon that, even when activated, remains in place, confined within their aetheric-physical bodies. As shape-shifters they can alter form and size at will. Pictured at left front, is Djinn Mother Arumeluum, the legendary ruler to all of Djinnh evolution.
To her left is Lord Kobal, “Servant of the Sun”, a two hundred foot tall angel being, also from the stars of Draconis, who has been commissioned to monitor and direct solar radiations as they enter Earth Harmona’s atmosphere. Kobal is the youngest of Queen Mother Arumeluum’s three sons. All three are Solar monitors. Positioned just behind Queen Arumeluum is Menkallimh, “Father of Storms”, one of the very oldest of his race. Menkallimh is the Djinnh equivalent of an earthly warrior monk. In origin, many universal cycles ago, he came to the stars of Draconis from Lacerta, (The Lizard), also listed in the old Chinese charts as “The Flying Serpent”.

The strange markings on the foreheads of all three Djinnh seem like a cross between holograms and pale tattoos. At times they float above the skin like holograms, then appearing more like tattoos below the outer skin. Each of these designs shows in symbolic form the dynastic roots, star origin and spirit history of these three Djinnh pictured. The three are old companions and have worked as a team since before the existence of the newer stars.

Due to Menkallim’s long experience as Systems Monitor, he has developed great powers to guide and control the often raging elemental forces of this planet, composed of vast armies of storm spirits that manifest as hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and disturbances in the Gulf Stream and Jet Stream. In this first ever earthly portrait of Menkallim (in the far background), he is surrounded by explosive “Energy Moons” composed of psionic / ectoplasmic substance literally packed with storm elementals that have been drawn from other dimensions through visualization. Rising through the clouds behind Menkallim, hundreds of these giant explosive globes, created to produce large, fierce storm fronts, are moving off into the distance, swarming like angry hornets t’wards where a super cell tornado must be activated. When the great storm moves away, beginning to dissipate, the legions of storm elementals will depart, and Menkallim will place lighter toned “moons” containing air sylphs at the magnetic center where the tumult was at its height. This will restore to some extent calm, stable conditions.... for awhile. This represents one aspect of the ongoing planetary cleansing. 
Last but certainly not least, is Tanosz, a Faerie (Far Ray) long eared Serpent Messenger of the Eskaloz species. When one first sees his face, it is immediately apparent from the expression in his eyes that this entity derives much innocent pleasure from his work as a carrier of planetary information gathered in Earth Harmona’s highest aethers. He rests here.... at the center of a truly cosmic grouping.... the star of the show.... He’s as close to being a belov’d pet as these Djinnh will ever have and they dote upon him. 

Tanosz and his brethren form a glowing, twisting web of inter-connected serpents somewhat like a giant gossamer net floating on the wind.... that circles the world.... but at some distance from it. Who knows, perhaps that’s what seers have always called the “Akashic Web”.... Certain of the Djinnh Lords prefer these long eared serpent messengers as working companions since they are invariably sweet natured whereas dragons can often be moody and insensitive to the needs of others. So, this gossamer net of linked serpents, a gigantic web of information gatherers sweeping the heavens for all that is new, endlessly reconnecting the “Soul of the World’.... that encircles all land and sea.... with her heart.... at the innermost core.... through supplying information carried within their great bodies. 

Though it may be impossible for most humans to accept that these monumental, immensely powerful Djinnh are more capable of gentle caring response than most humans will ever achieve, it is, none the less, the truth, especially so with Menkallimh. 

Beneath a rather rough exterior beats a Heart of Gold, a very gentle and lovable old person is Menkallim, so much so that Arumeluum and her family “adopted” him long ago. He is now Uncle Menkallimh living with them in their floating tower homes high above the planet Halgannarah.
Their tower homes built through mastery of the highest alchemical principles.... are of glowing golden alabaster, thousands of feet in height. These magnificent “cloud palaces” hold, beneath their turrets, vast high ceilinged chambers for study and rest, richly furnished with soft silken divans and deeply cushioned arm chairs (designed for one hundred foot tall Djinnh). Covering the walls in all the towers are the immortal “Dynasty Tapestries” depicting Draconian history.... and wherever there is wall space stand the tall shadowed bookshelves filled with very big silk tied scrolls, manuscripts and books, all dark with age. Perhaps the most astonishing feature in all Djinnh “work rooms” are their truly awesome large scale, richly carved desks illuminated by golden lamps.

The Djinnh are a race of scholars who love their solitude, though lately there has been little time for that as their duties take them far away from home. The mighty round domes shown in the illustration, each one large enough to hold a faerie-sized city, form the Universal Council Center where the numerous star-world groupings gather twice yearly to communicate their needs and maintain friendly relations with all neighboring Elemental Systems. Throughout the miles of massive tapestried reception halls you will see the most astonishing mixture of races, all seated comfortably in large soft chairs sharing thoughts, concepts and future plans. The recent lifting of the “Dark Edict” and permanent cessation of warfare is cause for celebration.



All the large Djinnh attending this conference will shape-shift down to roughly eight or ten feet to accommodate much shorter guests.

Though the Draconis System is many light-years distant from this planet where all three are working, commuting is not a problem. The journey in either direction takes only seconds. These three enormously powerful Djinnh Royals are not here to perform some pointless acts of charity but to bring to bear all their powers in literally pushing Earth Harmona, the most blessed of all worlds.... upwards.... very fast now.... into her final light-world position. This planet is receiving such special attention because.... billions of years ago when.... in a very different orbit.... in a far distant system, she was home to the two Great Soul-mates in their very first incarnation.... and because in her current orbit , they will finally reunite for all eternity.
During the 500,000,000 year long dark and brutal forced growth cycle, impacting all universal sectres, and now rapidly phasing out, the matriarchal structure of Dragoi life was almost destroyed by the rise of all-male warrior societies.... closely approximating what took place on this planet, and billions more, during that same time period. The formerly powerful, benign female influence was forcibly removed and wars spanning whole systems became generational, never-ending conflicts.

Developing civilizations in Draconis and elsewhere were no longer free. The new police state cultures were ruled by Extraterrestrial Warrior Priests. Many pure spirits were so weakened from endlessly fighting the darkness surrounding them that finally, so that they might survive, they learned to live within the constant presence of unalloyed evil. The preceeding description of the destruction of the Draconian Matriarchy and the Universal Light-oriented groupings set the stage for a new way of thinking. There were new questions that needed to be answered, such as.... When did the forced growth process begin to emerge and who planned and activated it? ....After a flurry of thoughts, the following came through: During the First Creation, many billions of light aeons before the beginning of modern time measurement, the Divine Mother and her Soul Mate, the Divine Father, working with the Master Builders and the Architects of Dawn introduced the concept of the nucleus and the electron, which underlie all of life as we know it. The nucleus in all its forms represented the heart of creation and was of the Source / Creation / Female frequency. At the center of all living cells, the positively charged nucleus was the heart of matter, composed of protons and neutrons. It remembered the cells history and heredity and controlled its metabolism, growth and reproduction. The negatively charged electron in all its forms represented the mind of matter, composed of subatomic particles packed with electromagnetic / ectoplasmic matter (potentially volatile), which allowed it to travel at great speed. Electrons were viewed by all the metaphysicians of Earth Harmonas most ancient light oriented cultures as the Gentle Warriors, the protectors of the Mother Centre and transmitters of the Mothers Wisdom. They were, and are Natures Brain Trust / Think tanks.

Third dimensional electrons in their high speed orbitschase around the nucleus.... they are the charge-carriers, storing, recycling and transforming atomic energy in exact imitation of their much higher celestial equivalents.... and are Natures Support System / Male Frequency.

When the long, dark and truly hellish Forced Growth cycle was to begin, the Great Guides removed the nucleic heart essence from hundreds of billions of star sectres (including our own Pleiadian System), to create the necessary imbalance for the hard lessons that all of solar human / non-humanoid, and those of Spirit Life within the reptilian, bird, animal, and plant kingdoms must experience, in-body, to gain Whole Knowledge. The High Elemental Kingdoms within all systems were not directly affected by this terrifying new development because it was their job to see that their home-worlds would remain functional during the long testing period.
This writer, though fundamentally elemental in nature, was required to assume human form in many of the darkest periods and my Nature Guides were in constant attendance at times of great danger. During large conflicts, I would be taken below because it was not my fate to perish.


Kami Amateratsu, Winged Shadow, Vault of Heaven, Djinn Guardian of the Sun Moon Mother, is an Electron Buddha, stationed at approximately three thousand miles above the Earths Van Allen Belt. This being is one of only three Djinnh of such size: ten thousand miles in length. His energy-form acts as a capacitor wherein are temporarily stored enormous, continuous flowing charges of highly volatile neutron / electron energy matter. With clockwork timing, he will release this now altered and much modified radiation into Earths stratosphere, where it forms an enveloping field ofalternating current and standing wave radio emissions (see illustration), finally blending with the Inner Earth electromagnetic flows circling the planet, providing a power plant source of cosmic energy to continuously enliven the substances of Earth.

The first half of Kami Amateratsus name, Kami, means Spirits, which tells us that he represents all of the natural world. Amateratsu signifies that he is protector of the Sunmoon Mother, the ancient oriental name of the Mother Creator of the Western Peoples.

Positioned directly over his Heart Chakra, her gigantic wings fluttering, is a very royal entity and supremely powerful shape-shifter, Kami Amateratsus close companion, Lyestra. Guide and Monitor to all Klans and Tribes of Butterfly, Moth and Dragonfly Peoples throughout the Greater Universe (genus: Angel of Natural Forms). Her height at this time; one thousand miles. As with Kooshakolho, eternities of work along with absolute solitude carries with it a deepening sense of aloneness. Kami Amateratsu is never ever lonely or sad.... Lyestra is always with him.

Within the occult tradition, in the oldest Lodges where the Secret Sciences are taught, it has long been recognized that when man ceases to respect Mother Earth and no longer honors her feelings, she will, in time, speak to him in the Voice of Thunder, levelling whole civilizations to make clear her displeasure. Man in his ignorance and greed has brought enormous suffering to his fellow humans through unspeakable acts of tyranny, and to the Animal Kingdoms through his vile, low frequency treatment of cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry, murdered in slaughterhouses in multiples of hundreds of millions each year.

The upside-down photograph above, from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), reveals the greatly distorted low astral forms of base-frequency elementals always present in poultry slaughterhouses and rendering plants.
Resembling very early barbaric fertility totems, no two are alike, but all have been drawn here by the intolerable, truly monstrous environment of torture and unimaginable violent death. Four of them carry misshapen staffs. I call them the abattoir abominations. Their influence extends directly to the dinner table, often causing fatal character shifts and a predisposition to sudden and unprovoked responses. Once these low astral entities take possession of an individuals auric field, only cessation of all meat eating and high frequency radionic / psionic treatments will rid the body and spirit of these parasitic elemental creations.
The Great Guides call the Galactic Sectres (like this one), Electron Systems. Because these regions are third dimensional, lacking an operative spirit-based nucleus, they remain merely electron in frequency. Enough nucleic energy is provided from older universal areas so that all life forms may exist and progress, but beyond that.... until the light frequency shift is finalized, the much finer frequency nucleus radiations will remain out of balance.... and out of reach. For many millions of years human females (nucleic energy) have been dominated by human males (electron energy). The voice of the woman is silenced in all important decision making and the voice of the people means little or nothing to those in power. Torture, slavery, child abuse, human trafficking, incest and very high levels of mental disturbance connected to overwhelming alcohol and hard drug addiction plague this world. Beyond all of the above, there is the inability of so many to feel any genuine emotion other than rage, depression, hysteria and certain forms of sexual excitation often connected to homicidal activity (warfare).

Generally speaking, there is no concern for the well being of the Animal Kingdom as illustrated by the unspeakable, vile treatment of cattle and poultry in the slaughterhouses of the world. It rarely if ever occurs to the millions who like their chicken crispy and their beef rare that they have murdered sentient beings and are now Carrion Eaters. Welcome to Earth Electronica!
Jinn / Jin also Jin-ni or Jin-nee / Jene, Jine or Djin / jin or Djin / Jin-ni, (Ar. Jinniy, Djinnh, Spirit): one of a class of benificent or fierce elementals in Islam that inhabit the Earth, that are capable of assuming various forms, and that exercise supernatural powers. - FromThe Old English Dictionary


He was named the Dragon Beast by the priest / magicians of ancient Japan as a direct result of their inability to achieve any communication with him.... which angered them greatly. There was no way that the greatest Earth Monitors could be reached, summoned, invoked or threatened; so the priests, in order to save face, claimed that they were of the Infernal Hierarchy. So it remains to this day.

Rhinn Raz Djinn controls the plus / minus balance of Earths Dragon-paths , gigantic electromagnetic rivers of incandescent white fire accompanied on each side by tiny Mandelbrot flames dancing along like Faerie Foxfire. They run parallel to this planets tectonic plates, wide bands of pure light at the very edges of land masses, connecting all the regions where volcanic and seismic activity proliferate. The Dragon-paths form a structural, web like lattice which runs through the planet to pre-determine the outcome of all events occurring on the surface. They pass through thousands of conjunctions within the larger volcanoes, both on land and along the under-sea networks, and alongside Earths largest mountain ranges, at ground level or deep underground. In certain regions they cut directly through mountains. Though Ley-lines rarely deviate from a straight path between conjunctions, Dragon-paths will twist and turn on their journeys, following the uneven contours of the tectonic plates. At certain points they move downwards to the ocean floor through the undersea volcanic power grids to the next land mass, entering the continent, generally in a southerly direction. For example, there is a major Dragon Line curving down from the Norwegian coastline, across the North Sea, and directly into the deep earth of northern Scotland. Swiftly it flows down through England, crossing many Ley-lines, travelling to the west of London into Wales, and then shifts left to the mighty power-point at Stonehenge.

There, at the north side of Stonehenge, it connects with the massive Dakeya Ley-line, moving beneath the waters of the English Channel from the Carnac Alignments in Brittany on the coast of France directly into the deep earth of southern England. Rhinn Raz Djinn will often be stationed in the high aethers above Stonehenge. Always with him is his ancient companion, Vairmyth, a female wingless dragon who provides him most vital grounding energy. Vairmyth belongs to a very old species of Faerie Wurm, peaceful, energetic shape-shifters, not remotely like any of the other ferocious dragon species. She is one of the many hundreds of Dragon Sentries stationed throughout the world who, with their Djinnh Lord companions, keep a sharp lookout for blockages or flame outs in the volcanic cauldrons and seismic fracture zones they must continually patrol. When there is a developing crisis within any of the paths, it is the Dragon Sentries, with their legendary sensitivity to abnormal variations of sound or light, even at great distances, who begin calling out to each other everywhere in their deep, bell like Dragon tongue: Danger to Us, Danger at Large Ocean Center or Power, Power, Too Much At Golden Island.... Bring.... Back.... Fast....To.... Good.... Now, Now, Move....To.... Stop this loud S.O.S. resonates through the systems, galvanizing all guardians, mostly Djinnh, throughout the world. Hundreds of these gentle giants astride their dragons, like speeding comets trailing fire, are at the trouble spot in literally no time at all. The problem is quickly resolved and they return to their stations, again on guard.
Lord Kooshakolhos crystalline complex lies many miles beneath Stonehenge, and from there in his cavern home, like smoke leaving a giant chimney, the Golden Power Flows spiral upwards to the outer realms, tributaries branching away from the mighty golden river below. These rising arterials exert a strong and beneficent healing influence from deep in the interior where they originate, and to all sides throughout the human realm.
Kooshakolho and Rhinn Raz Djinnh are now, if not yet close friends, at least trusting of each other. After so many aeons of sharing the same real estate they often mind-link, exchanging thoughts and comparing notes. Though no two elemental being could be more unalike, the ancient gnome from the stars of Phoenix and the forty foot tall djinn warrior from Serpentis systems find their differences endlessly intriguing.
In modern Western culture, and to a great extent worldwide, whenever orthodox practices and substandard educational policies coupled with science and the new technologies directly impact the mass mind, the people of the Nature Kingdoms have become grist for the rather vulgar entertainment fantasy mill, their beauty and power watered down to the level of Saturday morning cartoon shows. In the real elemental dimensions of life, the endless and ever-changing forms and inter-dimensional activity of the natural world is simply beyond description. Here is the glorious confirmation that all the ancient tales were true after all, not ghostly fiction conjured up by fevered minds. You will see miles and miles of forest land shaded in ultra-frequency tones of lemon emerald, violet amber and palest turquoise rose. In the pearlescent shadows of a giant Oak graze Unicorns of luminous white with golden horns and hooves, and at the crest of a flowered hill rising high above the luxuriant canopy, with his body cocooned in leather wings, sleeps an old, dark blue Djinn. Surrounding him like tiny guardians are troupes of pale green elves, and in the air above his sleeping form are clouds of winged spirits, watching over him as he dreams the hours away. In the earth below, Root Dwarves sing their high sweet songs. In the far distance lies a range of needle- spired crystalline mountains of deepest emerald, framed in rosy mist. Circling slowly back and forth above the tallest of the mountains, drifting like the mist itself are the huge dragon sentinels with their Djinnh riders, ever alert to lurking danger.
Though for modern western man, the Djinnh (Genies) are purely fictional, in the Middle Eastern countries for many thousands of years the Djinnh presence has always been very much a reality. Mystics have seen them and communicated with them since well before Earths written history. Many years ago I found an old chart outlining the various categories within the Koran. The chart was designed as circles within circles, and in the smallest inner circle at the exact center where one would expect to see Allah or Mohammed was the word Djinnh.

The Koran explicitly acknowledges the existence of the Djinnh as shapeshifters who are capable of adopting exquisite life-forms. To deal with the Djinnh is to play with fire, cautions Sheikh Muawwad Awad Ibrahim, the Director of Guidance at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Religious Affairs.
Playing with fire is putting it mildly. In the mid eighties when I was still doing Akashic Regression readings, I received a mysterious phone call from a Saudi Arabian, Nasruddin, who claimed that a friend of mine had given him my phone number. He made an appointment for the following week. The problem, it seemed, was spirit possession. His younger sister, recently married, had been taken over (possessed) by the vengeful spirit of the husbands ex-wife. He was threatening divorce so Nasruddin needed some quick answers. The reading I gave him was very interesting, but the conversation that followed was astounding. I was describing the nature of my work and my research into the ancient magical traditions of the Middle East and.... when I said the word Djinn, his eyes registered shock and his whole demeanor shifted. This young Arab whose limited command of English had, until that moment, made conversation very challenging began speaking very rapidly and quite clearly of his initiation in Cairo at age nineteen, into a very old magical lodge, taking the Oath of Silence which, if broken, was punishable by death. He quickly pulled back his shirt sleeve and, on his inner arm, from wrist to elbow, still faintly visible, was the curving image of a serpent that he told me he had been branded with at the time of his initiation. This brave young man was literally risking his life by talking to me. He stated then that magic was still alive and well in the Middle East, and that his master had taught him the lore of the Djinnh and had trained him to summon them. Later, he said he had made the attempt, emptying a small room of its furniture and lighting braziers of acacia leaf and sandalwood in all four corners of the room, followed by hours of chanting. Then, gradually, he could hear sounds like gusting wind and what seemed like hundreds of voices shouting.... singing.... The Lord and his people were approaching. Nasruddin was suddenly very frightened. He knew that he could not do this and ran from the room. He never attempted that again. Following our meeting, I contacted all my friends here and none of them recalled giving my phone number to anyone. My feeling is that Nasruddin was sent by the universe. Perhaps his old teacher in Cairo(possibly Sufi / Hashishim), had seen that this was truly the time of Great Change and that this knowledge must now be made visible.... and available.... to all!
Many are the stories of travelers from distant lands on the road to Istanbul who were beguiled at night by supernatural voices. These ghostly presences were said to sound like the gusting wind or like seductive houris, or at times like magical beings of a kind that have never lived on Earth or been seen by mortals. The Old Ones warned that these were the voices of the Djinnh Lords, and that on hearing them, the traveler should run like hell if they valued their sanity and their life.

In 2001, John Hare of the Wild Camel Protection Foundation, funded by the National Geographic Society, made a harrowing trek of 1,462 miles northward from Nigeria through Niger and Libya to commemorate the grueling, sometimes terrifying 1906 journey of the illustrious Swiss explorer Hans Vischer through the Saharan Wastes, the worlds largest sand desert. In this recreation of Vischers experience, Hare, with twelve men and twenty-five camels, made their way along the Deadly Road, a centuries old slavers route used to herd captives, most of whom perished, from sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean coast. In Vischers book Across the Sahara he described this ancient slavers route as a bloodstained highway strewn with thousands of human bones. Only the most robust slaves survived the desert march and these were little more than human skeletons when they reached Marzuq in southwestern Libya.

As Hares caravan moved into the desert of Marzuq at dusk stopping to rest for the night at a picturesque uninhabited oasis, they saw streams of migrating butterflies and dragonflies but the camels were watching something visible only to them. They would not settle down for the night, charging around in a group, suddenly stopping and staring into space, then moving off in another direction. One of Hares guides, Argali, a Tuareg tribesman, quickly explained that Djinnh (mischievous spirits) were making sport and trying to ride the camels. The sooner we leave the better!, Argali warned . Once they departed early the next morning the camels settled into their normal steady gait of two to three miles per hour, leaving behind the restless spirits at their haunted oasis. To this day ruins of towns and fortresses along the Road of Death are home to the multitudes of tormented souls of those who perished there hundreds of years ago. Only the dimensional shifts brought on through the present Planetary Clearing will bring them release.
Certain coastal areas and low lying island groupings are at increasing risk during this transformation of Earth Harmona into a high frequency Light-world. In their monitoring of all continental plate activity, the Djinnh Lords have been watching closely the southeastern coast of North America .

For more information about the history of the Djinnh....http://www.islamawareness.net/Jinn/jinn.html
Many millions of years ago the North American continent was thinly populated, except for certain coastal areas where market towns had expanded around major ports of call, now known as Homestead, Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville . These important locations were where the tall wooden and iron Atlantean barques offloaded thousands of captives every month, headed for the slave auctions, most of them victims of Atlantean conquest throughout the world. The young and the beautiful were worth much gold, but all the rest were marched off to become field workers on enormous inland plantations where produce was grown for shipment to the island continent of Atlantis, far out in the Eastern Sea. For hundreds of thousands of years before the final sinking of Atlantis, there had been numerous strong tremors and volcanic eruptions which took away, mainly through submersion, much of their arable land and forced them to import most of their food from the large continent to the West, now known as North America. The largest of the slave camps and detention centres were located on the southeastern coast now known as Georgia and Florida. Along the Gulf Coast in present day Mississippi and Louisiana, together with Arizona, California and Nevada (in the west), all of which contained forced-labor death camps (ancient versions of Auschwitz and Belsen), the land absorbed the poisonous energy created by constant pain, torment and death. When the pressure of this toxic astral waste became too great, the Earth Guides would cause it to be dispersed through the creation of firestorms and flooding, fierce tempests and seismic shifts. We are watching this right now as Florida, Louisiana and neighboring states are battered by a succession of deadly storms. New Orleans, which in that time of great antiquity was a pirate haven and centre for human trafficking, begins the downward spiral. Earths destiny as a Light-world requires that this cleansing take place now and that it be thorough. Those now of the Light and those who aspire to that state, remaining positive throughout the chaos, will not be adversely affected by the removal of these ancient hellish frequencies.

Since well before the beginning of recorded history man has been the warrior. The more enemies he killed, the more virgins he deflowered, the more towns he looted and torched, and the longer he could hold his liquor.... the more he was honored. There are still far too many of these Stone Age Intellects in these kinder, gentler times, walking the halls of power. No longer clad in animal skins but now wearing three piece suits, and carrying expensive briefcases bulging with contracts for large scale oil exploration or large scale factory farming. With every move they make, the planet must absorb more and more of the foul toxic astral effluent their actions generate. When this dense emission reaches high pressure levels, the afflicted lands become hostile regions no longer able to support life. It is then that the ancient Nature Monitors must step in to restore harmony to the planet. Kami Amateratsu, Menkallim, Rinnh Raj Djinn, Paa-Trolle-Um and Kooshakolho, and many millions more, a mighty army of Elemental Beings, will cause the occurrence of large scale tremors, fierce hurricanes and tornadoes, loss of coastlines, deadly flooding and long periods of drought followed by desertification, and the activation of volcanic regions. These catastrophic events release negative charges into the high aethers to be dispersed. Though very often disastrous for those in afflicted zones, the wellbeing of the planet body is of prime concern to Kami Amateratsu and all the others of  Nature. They will nourish her Life Streams and protect her from mankinds predations until such time as they will have evolved sufficiently to take full responsibility for their task as planetary stewards of Light-world Harmona.
The following statement from the book Secret Forces That Change The World by the old American Sufi, Frank Bowman, echoes the thoughts expressed above.... Nature is the great conserver of energy; Nature is the great preserver of force; Nature is the great perpetuator of life; Nature is the great repository of substance. She can permit none of these to perish. The most important thing noticeable by even superficial observers of the ways of Nature, herself, must inevitably convince them of the great fact of Natures Harmony, each part, each function, with the others, throughout all Her Kingdoms, which, though we seem to hate to admit it, includes man; for he is as much a part of Nature as is the Earth on which he treads, the animals he preys upon or the plants on which he lives. We hold most definitely that man in his present stage of growth must fall in step with other operations of Nature, whether or not these operations are known and recognized by him. Our present time must inevitably bring forth the full convincing of the materially minded, of those who evade and avoid the consequences of mans advent at this time.... and that he must proceed in harmony with the laws and forces of Nature. ....When man truly accepts responsibility of caring for his world .... Earth will be healed.
Following are excerpts from an article by John Howard Davies concerning the Pleiades, The Inner Space Digest, Box 226, Hermanus 7200, South Africa....

"Visible to the naked eye, the Pleiades are, and were to the ancients, a well known group of stars in the constellation of Taurus the Bull. Astronomers are agreed that the Pleiades constitute a system of suns which revolve around Alcyone, the largest and brightest among the cluster. Original Astrophysics recognizes that our own sun is in fact an outer Star which has Alcyone as its center of rotation. Modern Astronomy also accepts that Alcyone is the center of a huge Star Circulating System comprised of stars and their planets. Greek farmers in classical times actually followed the progress of the Pleiades and were guided by them in the planting of their crops."

According to Paul Otto Hesse in the book Ancient Future, there are more than six large suns whose movements this central star controls.... and our Sun occupies the seventh orbit. the other stars are: Merope, Atlas, Maya, Electra, Teygeta and Coleono (from Alcyone outwards). According to Hesse our Sun completes one orbit of Alcyone every 24,000 years. He states that Alcyone is surrounded by a radiation belt in the form of a disk similar to Saturns rings, but this is huge, extending hundreds of light years into space. Each planetary sun will therefore pass through this disc twice in completing one orbit. Our own Sun passes through this disc every 12,000 years.
They call this immense radiant disc the Photon Belt which is under the direct supervision of Kami Amateratsu and his two Dah Yeen (which translates loosely as Compadres or Confreres) who reside in far distant star sectres. You will find Photon Belt radiation in all systems and all are connected. Assuming that our own sun Etalos is a Pleiadian star, then Earth and all other local planets and their populations in this galaxy are Pleiadian. For me at least, this high strangeness led immediately to the question.... What would this planet be like now if its inhabitants had always known they were Pleiadian? Of course, the obvious answer is that it would certainly be very different. However, certain lessons would have been skipped over.
Well, that being true, how will they come to terms with the Truth, now that it has been revealed? The answer: if at least twenty or thirty million of them can link strongly with the peoples of Nature while there is still a little time left, they can transform this planet from third dimensional to Lightworld dimensions very quickly! Passage of this planet through the Photon Belt will provide a slow transferral into the New Era and strengthening of spirituality of the populations instead of sudden upheaval.

After the Great Guides had removed the Spiritual Nucleus from within all Universal Life, only the most ancient and highest of elemental evolution (including the Djinnh), retained their matriarchal structure because these races were too old and too wise to be seduced or subverted by the electron, testosterone-driven need of lower evolved spirits to subjugate all those around them, creating worlds of misery. The Elemental Kingdoms (within all star sectres) retreated behind inpenetrable high dimensional barriers, ceasing all contact with other forms of life. The Djinnh, alone, still moved among men, if only in their dreams. The Djinnh, themselves, forced into this dark design of opposites-at-war (Dark versus Light), were required to assume roles ill suited to entities of absolute purity. They were to become the (unwilling) counselors to those necrophylic, revenants of the tomb, the astrologer priests of the hidden Solar Death Cult of Amon Ra, with their nightmarish laws and doctrines which had come down from Atlantis and would remain in place for thousands of years. In the following mixed medium portrait, you can clearly discern their thinly concealed dislike of these cold hearted, opportunistic criminal minds.... as they seek answers to questions which will bring them yet more power.

The following text, typed back in 1984, has the astronomers using todays terminology.... wickedly funny, at least for those who lean towards the darkly humorous.